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How to maintain a double automatic watch winder

If you have a double automatic watch winder, then you need to do proper steps to keep it perform well. There are several issues that you need to concern when you maintain a double automatic watch winder. Here is a guide to maintain your watch winder. The first thing you need to know is the exterior. There are multiple types of watch winder builds, and all of them are comes with boxes. Some have windows, some have legs, and some don’t have both of it. With the design and type, we can resume to the best maintenance steps you need to know.

  •    Inside out. Start from the inside, every you maintain. Use a lens cleaning wipe to clean or use single-use screen cleaning wipe. Do not use paper towels or Windex because it can cause streak and leave fibers. Check any moisture that trapped and may damage the interior. If you sure there is none, then keep in a cool and dry place.
  •    From top to narrow down. Use single screen wipes that mentioned before to do this. Grab the dust from top to the narrow down and also check to the areas that need more attention. The outside is easy to clean than inside parts. You can also use the microfiber rag.
  •    Motor housing. This is the real maintenance aspect of all. You need to check the good condition of the motor housing. You will need to care when this as you need to disassemble the chassis to see the motor housing.
  •    Check the belt. Check the belt at least one of 6 months for any tear and wear.
  •    Manufacturer parts. You can change the basic functions change such as change the belt out or check for the damaged wiring in the electrical panel. In any case, when you have a problem with inside parts within the motor, then you may need to utilize the double automatic watch winder warranty and send it back.

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